Several Documents

In various news articles and official documents, the Denver Zoo’s proposed “machine” is called a:

The Zoo’s patent and the Engineering Design and Operations Plan (EDOP) are two documents that discuss the proposed plan to use different types of wastes, including compostable PLA (polylactic acid, polylactide plastics), to form “pellets” that will then be used to fuel the Toyota Elephant Passage Exhibit.

There are three editions of the EDOP (2/6/14), (9/4/14), and (10/10/14). The revised, latest edition is not publicly available. The EDOP has a July 16, 2014 EDOP Supplement #2: EDOP amendments in response to City and County of Denver Comments. (We have not located Supplement #1: Update, “Composite” EDOP with supplements 1 and 2).

Versions of the EDOP do not define:

  • Operations waste (p.17)
  • Sustainability (sprinkled throughout the document)
  • Urban forest residue (p.8)
  • Zero waste (sprinkled throughout the document)

The EDOP raises many questions, from what types of specific wastes are “fed” into the system and incinerated, to a detailed description of pollutants and risk of pollution into surrounding neighborhoods that encircle Denver Zoo and City Park. In addition to these problems, confidential business information (CBI) about the machine is withheld from public inspection.


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